You can now delete followers with the Twitter progressive web app

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Twitter rolls out an update to its Progressive Web Application (PWA) towards the end of each month. The October 2021 update for Twitter PWA adds the ability to remove followers on the social media platform. It also adds new management features for spaces, including preventing subscribers from seeing which space you are passively listening to. The update began rolling out on October 29, 2021 and is available for all platforms that use Twitter PWA, including Windows, Twitter for KaiOS, and Twitter Lite on Android.

Here are all the new features of the Twitter PWA:

  • Subscriber management: the ability to delete subscribers is now available to everyone.
  • Spaces: There is now a section in the privacy and security settings where you can control your preferences for Twitter spaces. You can change whether your subscribers can see the spaces that you passively listen to.
  • Spaces: Listening to Spaces on is now available to all logged-out users.
  • Topics: We’ve added additional controls to topic landing pages for you to follow or let us know if you’re not interested.
  • Video: we are trying to provide controls to adjust the playing speed of videos.

Most of the new features in Twitter PWA focus on privacy and give users greater control over what actions can be seen by others.

Twitter also released several improvements and improvements with the October 2021 update. You can read the full changelog in the update release notes.

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