What is Zoom’s Progressive Web App and how to use it on Chromebooks

Since Google is phasing out all Chrome OS apps on Chromebooks, Zoom’s Progressive Web App will be the only option for users. Here’s how to use it.

Although some Chromebook users may not be aware of this, Zoom is available as a progressive web app for users who use entry-level Chromebooks. More often than not, these devices lack the hardware resources needed to run heavy applications. Therefore, most of the services available on Chromebooks are web-based. However, what is the Progressive Web App and why did Zoom launch one for Chromebook users?

To understand what a Progressive Web App is, one needs to have a basic understanding of the different types of apps. First, there are platform-specific apps that provide users with a self-contained experience. These apps only work on desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices that meet the app’s minimum system requirements and do not require an internet connection. However, the downside of these apps is that their reach is limited. On the other hand, some applications can run on any device that can access the Internet, regardless of its hardware capabilities. These applications are called web applications. For example, Google Docs is a web application.


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Recently, developers have developed a hybrid version that performs just as well as platform-specific apps, and users can access it through any device with an active internet connection. These applications are called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). As a reminder, the popular content streaming service YouTube launched a Progressive Web App in 2021. In a nutshell, PWAs combine the best features of a standalone app and a web app. Moreover, developers keep adding new features to PWAs to provide the best user experience as anyone on any device can install them. Moreover, almost all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox reasonably support PWA features.

What is Zoom PWA

Zoom It's Good Meme

Now, the popular Zoom video collaboration platform is available both as a web service and as an installable app for multiple platforms, including Windows and macOS. Unfortunately, although Zoom is also available on Chromebooks as a Chrome OS app, users won’t be able to use it from August 2022 as Google is ending support for it. Luckily, Zoom has already taken care of that by launching its PWA in June 2021. As mentioned on the official website, Zoom’s PWA”leverages web technology to deliver a native desktop experience.

Users can install Zoom’s PWA client on Chromebooks without any issues. Not only is it faster and more functional, but it also takes up less space than the usual app – an ideal combination for cloud-based devices. To download Zoom PWA on a Chromebook, users need to open the Google Play Store, search for “Zoom for Chrome PWA” and tap install. Once downloaded, the Zoom PWA will be available as an app on the Chrome OS device, allowing users to log in or join a meeting. The app provides features like a customizable gallery view, auto-selected breakout rooms, live transcription, live translation, new background masking, meeting reactions and more Again. Go forward, Zoom PWA will be the only option for Chromebook users.

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