Web application attacks could be a serious security concern for your business this Christmas

Anyone unboxing new devices this festive season is urged to make sure all of their apps are properly secured, fearing personal and work devices could be at risk.

A report from Imperva found that web application attacks against UK businesses have jumped 251% since October 2019, with the end of the year in the run up to Christmas showing a particular increase.

Warning that organizations and consumers risk suffering from a “crappy” Christmas, the company is now warning users to be vigilant during the holidays.

Application attacks

In its report, Imperva studied 4.7 million cybersecurity incidents related to web applications, finding that attacks are increasing, on average, by 22% each quarter, including a particularly concerning 67.9% increase in Q2 2021. in Q3 2021.

Remote Code Execution (RCE) and Remote File Inclusion (RFI) attacks, which target company websites and servers to steal information, compromise servers or even take over websites and edit their content, saw a massive increase of 271%, demonstrating the magnitude of the threats businesses face.

This has also been demonstrated by the increase in data breaches, with a similar report from Imperva suggesting that half (50%) of all data breaches start with web applications. And with more than 70% of web traffic now passing through APIs, the risk of business exposure is only increasing.

“The pandemic has placed an immense urgency on businesses to get all sorts of digital transformation projects in place as quickly as possible, and that’s almost certainly a driving factor in this surge in attacks,” says Peter Klimek, CTO at Imperva.

“The changing nature of application development itself is also extremely important. Developments such as the rapid proliferation of APIs and the shift to cloud-native computing are beneficial from a DevOps perspective, but for security teams, these changes in application architecture and increased attack surface accompanying them makes their job much, much more difficult.

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