Visio lightweight web app available free to Microsoft 365 business subscribers

All businesses love to diagram, but not all are interested in paying for diagramming services and applications. Microsoft has heard of this issue and has announced plans for a lightweight Visio web application that will be free to commercial license subscribers.

This lightweight Visio will start rolling out in July, so you have a few weeks until you can enjoy the free goodness of diagrams. As for what to expect, Microsoft says you’ll get some basic features that won’t take away from the allure of the paid variants, but give you the essential Visio experience.

As for that experience, it’s the ability to seamlessly inject diagrams into Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, etc. You can collaborate with colleagues to co-create org charts, choose from popular templates for quick design work, and more.

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Again, for the specialized features and functions of Visio, you will have to go for the paid options instead of resorting to the lightweight web app. However, this new free option will allow easier access to Visio than before. If you want to try the app before its official rollout, Microsoft offers a registration page for early access to Visio in Microsoft 365.

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