Updated USDA CroplandCROS web application allows users to analyze planted land

WASHINGTON, October 28, 2021 – USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and Agricultural Research Service announced enhancements to the CropScape web application, making it easier for users to perform area analyzes and statistics of crops planted in the states -United.

Now known as CroplandCROS, the geospatial data product hosts the Cropland Data Layer (CDL). The NASS CDL is a 30-meter-specific, crop-specific land cover classification that is created annually from satellite imagery.

“CroplandCROS improves the user experience by providing a consolidated, organized and intuitive interface to perform zonal analysis of cropland products in the United States,” said Linda Young, director of research and development at NASS . “We have made these improvements while maintaining the analytical integrity of the CropScape application. The app also shows the importance of inter-agency collaboration in creating innovative products and solutions.

CroplandCROS is powered by USDA’s Data Innovations Partnerships (PDIs). The application allows users to geolocate farms and map areas of interest. To help users, the app offers a user guide and instructional videos.

The CDL is accessible to everyone in the same way, whether they are agro-industries or researchers. CDL users can apply the technology to explore yield forecasts, area estimates, disaster assessment, wildlife habitat, water use, and more.

The app has undergone improvements to improve performance, including:

  • Faster processing time when running analysis and export tools

  • Export options for data and printable maps in various formats
  • Accessibility on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • New search bar capabilities by address, zip code and contact details
  • Tutorials and videos to learn basic to advanced features
  • Built-in ArcGIS tools for advanced mapping and analysis
  • Customizable web applications via REST API
  • Links and access to additional resources
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