Opera and GameMaker launch free mobile web game publishing platform

Opera and YoYo Games, the company behind the popular GameMaker engine, have launched a new platform that allows developers to publish games on mobile for free.

The two companies have added new features to GX.games, their games-centric Opera GX browser-based title distribution platform, to ensure titles work on both iOS and Android versions of the game. application.

The mobile version of GX.games enters beta today, with the first games expected to release after the upcoming GX.games mobile game jam.

The launch comes at a time when the two mobile platform holders, Apple and Google, are under scrutiny and face allegations of anti-competitive practices, forcing developers to use their app stores and pay commission fees associates in order to publish mobile games.

The upcoming Digital Markets Act, new legislation in Europe, will pressure both companies to make changes to their ecosystems, while the pair also face legal action from Fortnite maker Epic Games over issues. similar.

Games released on the mobile version will require no downloads and will work without the need for separate versions for each operating system.

Opera is also working on ways for developers to use it to test games, allowing them to send users a test link for unreleased games that works on both desktop and mobile editions of the browser.

Monetization features will also be introduced “in the near future”, the company said.

Opera launched GX.games in November 2021 and says there are already over 1,500 games available, all built with GameMaker.

The company also claims that Opera GX has a user base of 16 million people.

Opera bought GameMaker creator YoYo Games in January 2021 for $10 million.

The engine has been used to create several top indie games such as Spelunky and Hotline Miami. You can read more about the engine in our Academy guide here.

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