Now create WhatsApp stickers on its web app

Stickers are nothing new. In the 90s, kids kept them in dedicated sticker books. Now they’re more… digital. And WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to create your own personalized stickers on its web app.

Three years ago, the Meta-owned messaging platform introduced the ability to create personalized stickers through its iOS and Android apps. However, the feature was never available on the desktop, even though it was supported by third-party stickers a year ago.

Want to swap stickers?

WhatsApp’s built-in sticker maker allows users to turn ordinary pictures into stickers that you can use to fill your friends and family’s chats. To create a sticker, go to the web application (it’s the browser one, not the desktop app… for now). Once you’re there, tap the paperclip (bottom left) in a chat and choose the newly added “Sticker” option.

Here you will have the option to download an image from your computer’s drive, after which you will be greeted with a variety of editing options. You can cut it out, add sparkles, text, emoji, more stickers, and mess it all up at your own pace. Not everyone is a designer, we understand that. No one will judge you.

While there are a variety of third-party sticker apps available, it’s nice to have the feature natively in WhatsApp for users. According to sources, the feature will arrive on the desktop version of the app next week – so wait a bit if that’s your platform of choice.

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