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The creator of the GameMaker engine, YoYo Games, has added a new feature to the platform with the Opera web browser, with the aim of allowing developers to publish mobile games for free..

The new functionality of The platform is now active on Android and iOS app versions. Currently available in beta, games will be added to the service following an upcoming mobile game jam.

Since the launch of the desktop version of in November last year, the total number of GameMaker games has already exceeded 1,500.

Now for mobile, creators using GameMaker will be able to publish titles to the Opera GX browser, meaning games can be played via hyperlink instead of additional downloads. This is also intended to deliver native-like performance on mobile.

“We want game creators to be able to spend most of their time creating games, without solving complex compatibility issues,” said Joanna Czajka, product manager of GX Games. “Creating a mobile game and making it available on all mobile devices via the mobile web has become very easy.”

Around Miniclip’s 21st anniversary, the company revealed plans to move away from its browser games to focus more on mobile offerings. Tilting Point, meanwhile, has released its launcher to bring mobile gaming to PC, Mac, and browser.

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