Microsoft’s OneDrive is becoming a better web app – here’s why it matters

While users wait to see if Windows 11 is indeed real, Microsoft is working to bring OneDrive, its popular cloud storage service, as a web application to Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla’s Firefox browser in July.

Web applications have become more and more useful in recent years, as they are basically applications that run in your web browser, so you don’t have to do anything else to manage them on your hard drive.

With OneDrive generally accessible through File Explorer or your taskbar, using it as a web application can be much easier to manage and download files, and Microsoft is well aware of this.

Road to July

Microsoft has a roadmap which describes what they’re currently working on for OneDrive. It indicates that the progressive web application, or a PWA, is in development for browsers that support this type of web application, which will work the same as the application you use on your desktop.

A PWA is the next step up from a regular web application, as it can take on the appearance of a desktop application launched from your web browser, but it barely takes up space on your hard drive. Google worked on another version of that for Chrome, but here it is compatible with any browser that supports progressive web apps.

This is scheduled for July, so you might be able to manage your files from Edge sooner rather than later.

Analysis: why it matters

While this is a decent improvement, Microsoft and Google have yet to explain the benefits of what a PWA can bring, meaning they’re not as popular as they might be. to be.

Essentially, its ease of use. We use web browsers on our computers and smartphones on a daily basis for all kinds of tasks, such as creating documents and editing photos. Entering another app can interrupt your workflow and waste time trying to find a certain file on the cloud storage of your choice.

Here, it will be about selecting the OneDrive icon in the web browser of your choice, finding the file in question, and then dragging it to the project you are working on, probably in another tab of the same web browser.

These files are much easier to find, and with the rumor that Windows 11 is due out later this month, we might see even more new OneDrive features coming soon, that’s just part of the story. history of PWA.

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