Microsoft Teams web app not working or loading

When you use Microsoft Teams PWA in the browser or visit the Teams site, you get an experience close to a native PC app. However, if the Microsoft Teams web app is not working when you launch it, this article will help you fix the problem. Some of these solutions also apply when the team’s live site is not loading.

Microsoft Teams web app not working or loading

If the Microsoft Teams web app is not working or loading on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or any other browser, follow these suggestions to fix the problem.

  1. Check if the Teams website or service is down
  2. Restart the browser and the PC
  3. Log out and log in and see
  4. Check date and time
  5. Clear browser cache and see
  6. Enable cookies for teams
  7. Check extension conflict
  8. Check Teams Login Error Codes
  9. Reinstall the web application

You will need an administrator account to run the instructions.

1]Check if the Teams website or service is down

Nothing will work if the Teams service is down, including the native app, live website, and web app. To check if the service has a problem, visit the service status page and select Microsoft Teams.

2]Restart the browser and the PC

Relaunching the browser and restarting the PC fixes many issues, and we suggest you do the same. After the browser restarts and you launch the app, it will establish a new connection, and if something was preventing the app from loading earlier, restarting the browser should fix the problem. The same is true when restarting the PC. Anything that was preventing the browser from acting as it should should be fixed.

3]Log out and log in and see

Microsoft Teams Blank Load

If you can partially see Teams, i.e. menus, icons, etc., but everything else is blank, you can try logging out and then logging back in. The Log out link is available at the top right of the organization selection screen.

4]Check the date and time

Fix Windows Date and Time

Sometimes the date and time are incorrect or do not match the region of your PC. Go to Windows Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time. Enable the option to set the time automatically. Also enable the option to automatically set the time zone. These should resolve any issues over time. Relaunch the Microsoft Teams web app and check if the issue is resolved.

5]Clear browser cache and see

This may seem like an extreme step and require you to re-login to all connected services, but it can help. Go to browser settings > Cookies and site permissions > Manage cookies > All cookies and site data and delete everything. Close the browser and reload the web application and online website.

Since there are no cookies, Microsoft Teams will force to authenticate again and reload everything.

6]Enable cookies for teams

allow cookies microsoft teams

Depending on the location of the browser, the section where the browser saves cookies. In Microsoft Edge is available at Cookies and site permissions. Locate the authorization section and add these URLs there. This will ensure that no cookies are blocked when launching the application. You can add the following items to the allowed list:

  • [*.]
  • [*.]
  • [*.]
  • [*.]
  • [*.]
  • [*.]

Cookies are essential, and they help to remember your preferences, your authenticity, otherwise you will have to log in again.

7]Check extension conflict

The last check concerns the extensions. Extensions can sometimes conflict with certain websites and prevent them from loading. The best way to check is to disable all extensions and launch the app. If it works, you need to enable the extensions one by one and figure out which one is conflicting with the web application. Apps that customize Microsoft Teams can be problematic, so be sure to look at those first.

8]Check Teams Login Error Codes

Are you getting any errors while logging in? If so, see the detailed post on Teams Log in Error Codes. We have included solutions for 0xCAA20003, 0xCAA82EE2, 0xCAA82EE7, 0xCAA20004, 0xCAA90018 and more.

9]Reinstall the web app

manage web apps browser

Click on the browser menu, go to Applications and click on Manage applications. Locate the Microsoft Teams web app and delete it. Close the browser and relaunch it. Then you can recreate the web application.

Open Microsoft Teams in the browser, click apps and select install this site as an app. Check if the app loads properly and you can log in to the website.

Why isn’t my Microsoft team meeting connecting?

If everything works fine, it’s because of a network problem. Make sure the internet is working as expected, run the internet connection and network adapter troubleshooter, then restart the router. If all that doesn’t work, check if the Teams service is down and if there is an announcement about it.

Which browser is best for Microsoft Teams?

Technically speaking, it works across the whole browser, but with Microsoft Edge it may have some advantages as both are in-house products. However, you will not get a better experience over the app as the desktop app offers features like recording individual calls, together mode, live events, etc.

Microsoft Teams web app not working or loading

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