How to add FIFA Points on the FUT web app


FIFA 22 / Credit to EA

When you cannot access your preferred console or platform to play FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, you can follow your team by creating an account on the FUT web app. Complete SBCs, change your teams, and even open packs on the go through your browser of choice.

However, you can now add FIFA Points on the FUT web app to open packs. Here’s how.

You can now add FIFA Points to the FUT web app even if you are not playing the game on PC. To do this, you can go to the web app on your device and click on the “+” symbol next to your FIFA points balance at the top right. There you can authenticate your credentials on the web app with the platform you use to play FUT. Do that and you can purchase FIFA Points through your console’s online store to use on the app.

This is one of the few features that has not been available in the in-game free companion / web apps. EA had never made FIFA Points available on the web or the companion app, but now they have finally added the function allowing players to link the web application to their platform’s store.

If you buy FIFA Points on your console, you can then use them to open packs on the web or related apps. However, this new addition to the web app makes it easier than ever.

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