Desktop progressive web app installs grow 270%

We’ve already heard from Google that Android app installs on Chromebooks have skyrocketed past 190% over the past year, and today the companies shared a new statistic that has us excited. Over on the blog, Natalia Gvak, Product Marketing Manager for the Chrome OS Apps Ecosystem for Chrome OS, spent some time recapping the benefits Progressive Web Apps or PWAs bring to anyone using Chrome Browser on Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS desktop computers. and laptops.

For those unaware, PWAs tout several features of app-like quality and allow websites to mimic mobile apps without the need for a traditional installation. Basically, you can use them offline in specific circumstances (like Youtube Premium on Chrome OS), use touch and swipe features, and more, and they work standalone with just a few clicks.


In fact, they are becoming so advanced that they are beginning to replace traditional desktop software for many users. Using mouse and keyboard and more allows anyone to edit videos, create art, and play AAA games, among other tasks, with nothing but their web browser. Believe it or not, the “installation” of Progressive Web Apps increased by more than 270% between February 1, 2021 and February 1, 2022.


For starters, you can try out some of the following PWAs yourself, but be sure to add to Google’s install stats for the next year by turning these websites into icons on your Chromebook or desktop by following our guide. easy!


  • Amped Studio – 20% growth in signups and 100% increase in premium subscription sales since launching PWA
  • ArtBoard Studio – Setup their PWA without extra maintenance after users request desktop app
  • BeFunky – Doubling their average user session time when switching their editor to a PWA
  • ClipChamp – Has seen 97% growth in PWA installs per month since launch
  • Cloud Stop Motion – Saw a rapid jump in user engagement after launching PWA
  • Kapwing – 36% PWA growth with 2.85x higher 28-day retention rate
  • Piper Make – 38% increase in user base after launching PWA with offline capabilities
  • Replit – 10,000 PWA downloads on Android and Chrome OS via Google Play Store in one month
  • SoundCloud – 40% increase in listening time when users listen via PWA
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