Adobe’s Photoshop web app is now free in Canada

Photoshop is now available for free on the web, at least in Canada.

Adobe is currently testing a freemium version of the photo-editing app in the country, with plans for a wider rollout in a bid to attract new users to the app, first reported by The edge.

In our tests, we were able to access Photoshop on the web by creating a free Adobe account. Initially, Adobe’s website said we had access to the standard seven-day free trial for Creative Cloud, but after switching to a supported browser, the web app displayed a banner that said, “You can currently access a free version of Photoshop on the web. For a limited time.” It is not known how long the free version will be available.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to create an account (you can access Photoshop for the web here without an account). However, going this route requires users to upload an image to begin with, rather than creating a blank canvas.

According to the report, although the app is free and several of the app’s essential tools are available in the free version, some features are said to be exclusive to paid users. “We want to do [Photoshop] more accessible and easier for more people to try and experience the product,” said Maria Yap, vice president of digital imaging at Adobe.

Adobe’s goal is to leverage the web version of Photoshop to make the software more accessible with an overarching goal of getting users to pay for the full version in the future.

Photoshop first launched its web app in October last year, allowing users of not-so-high-end machines, like students with Chromebooks, to take advantage of the photo-editing software used around the world. “I want to see Photoshop meet users where they are right now,” says Yap. “You don’t need a high-end machine to access Photoshop.”

Although Adobe hasn’t mentioned a tentative date for rolling out the free version of the web app in other countries, it continues to update the app, with new features like fine-tuning edges, curves, dodge and burn tools, the ability to convert smart objects, and mobile support for reviewing and commenting on upcoming images.

Check out the free photo editing web app here.

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Source: The Edge

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