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Sand Mountain Safe Sports Dashboard for Athlete Safety and Abuse Reporting

Sand Mountain Park & ​​Amphitheater is among the first to adopt the Competitive Development Council as a way to serve their community, affirming their public commitment to advanced security.

Lasso Safe learns the cultures of safe sport and unites to triumph

Lasso Safe is very timely and ahead of current issues. »

— Luke Bodensteiner, Lasso Safe, Utah Olympic Legacy

NAPLES, Florida, United States, June 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lasso Safe today announced the Competition Development Council, a new web-based application to accredit, advance and promote safe communities in sports and electronic sports.

From the closures of key training centers to the jailing of notable coaches, doctors and CEOs and, most recently, a billion-dollar lawsuit filed against the FBI, athletes are using their might to punish abuse in sport. However, few or no solutions have proven reliable protection at the scale of the problem.

The Competition Development Council unites the voices of sport and empowers all members – state/regional tourism leaders, sports industry directors, athletes and participants.

“Lasso Safe is very timely,” says Luke Bodensteiner, Lasso Safe Board Member and Chief Sport Development Officer at Utah Olympic Legacy, “and ahead of current issues.”

The features and benefits of Competition Development Board include.

• Competition Development Council is the expression of twelve years of research. As of July 2022, there were over 350 sports communities surveyed, in 32 countries and territories, and over 450 professional contributors from companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, SportsEvent Media Group, Sand Mountain Park & ​​Amphitheater with Sport Facility Companies and Technical Fleming Camps.

• Independent Verification – The Competition Development Council reviews and monitors the internal safety practices of accredited sports communities to promote safety through accountability and transparency.

• The Competition Development Council’s knowledge engineering technology recognizes abusive processes across 40-60 million industry participants and uses big data to scale hand-in-hand.

• Accredited communities achieve foresight in preventive practices and inspire better cultural norms.

The Competition Development Council will be available starting July 28, with limited features for sports centers starting at $500/month and annual national/regional accreditation starting at $25,000. For more information on the Competition Development Council, visit Lasso Safe.

About Lasso Safe:
Lasso Safe is the standard of living for forward-thinking and safe sports cultures and is innovative in its combined approach to quantification and incentivization, as well as its inclusion of the state, regional and private sectors.

Now in the second decade of their existence, Lasso Safe has put the structure in place to help the sports industry get where it needs to go. And now is the time for all sports communities to move fully towards the performance-based certification and vetting model they have developed as the Competition Development Council.

Get certified: https://lassosafe.com/get-certified/

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Note from 6x National Figure Skating Champion, Luis Hernandez

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